Tools required: stake-and-string line; rake; shovel; broom; wheelbarrow; mason's
hammer; level
Step 1
Set out
stake-and-outline of
the site. Use a shovel
to remove all sod from
the area. Dig 4-inches
deep, and level the
bottom so it is as
smooth as possible.
Keep sod aside to fill
edges of the project
and up against the
Step 2
Fill with a 2-4-inch
layer of sand,
pitching down from
center to sides
1/8-inch per foot to
help drain water.
Rake area smooth,
then sprinkle with
water to pack sand.
step 3
Place stones 1-inch
apart starting at one
corner against the
string line. Stones
should not wobble in
place. If they do,
remove and dig away
some sand untill they
lay flat. Use level
frequently to check
placement of stones.
Step 4
Fill all joints with
sand. Lightly
dampen the joints
and let stand for a
At this point you can
use a colored sand or
dry cement to fill in
the joints also.
Step 5
Useing broom, sweep
more sand into joints.
Lightly sweep excess
sand from surface.
Useing sod you set
aside, fill in all edges
until smooth. Soil
should set a little
higher then the stone
to allow for settleing.
Step 6
B & C Stone
Company stone was
used in this dry-laid
walk to creat
natural beauty that
will last for many
life times.
Applying Stepping and Patio Stone in a Dry-Laid Walk
on a Sand Bed
How to Make a Stack Stone Wall